Communicating your reopening plan

Over the past few months you’ve most likely been recreating plans to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Over the past few weeks, Organizations across the country have been making plans to reopen in a safe manner. We here at Clay Creative have been strategizing how to communicate you are open, while you are developing a plan. 

Not addressing concerns about COVID-19 will make you appear out of the loop and won’t give your audience the confidence they need to support you. You’ve put in the work to help your organization address the spread of COVID-19, make sure people know.

Here are the platforms that need your attention:

Your Google Listing

Update your Google listing with your revised hours or services that are temporarily discontinued. This will in fact let your customers know that you are open. If you are needing assistance with updating your Google listing, contact us and one of our marketing managers will assist you. 

Your Website

Many organizations have been creating alerts or pages notifying customers that they are closed. You’ve probably done the same thing. The best thing is to switch that alert or page to display that you are now open again for business.

You may be asking, don’t they know I’m open because I’ve got my regular business hours on my site? Not necessarily. We’re big fans of the ‘tell them and then tell them again’ strategy. We’d also encourage you to set up a new page alert letting site visitors know the precautions you are taking when opening back up.

If you changed the purpose of your website to temporarily help your audience find your online resources and other essentials. it’s time to navigate back to your previous layout. Focus on what will drive your audience to your desired action.

Your Social Media Channels

Updating your operating hours on your social media pages is critical, but consider how you’ll communicate with your audience the precautions you are taking? A text-heavy post will likely go unread. A short video explaining your protocol or even a strong graphic will help you clarify your message.

Your Mobile App

On your mobile app, did you send a push notification that you are closed for business? A push notification to your mobile app users letting them know you’re open is great. Your mobile app can be a vital tool for your organization’s reopening strategy.

When you send out a push notification, have it reopen to a page to display a video about your organization’s COVID-19 precautions and information. Even setting an in-app link is a great way for all users to view the information.

Some organizations are using mobile apps using this strategy to explain traffic flow and explaining that you are required to wear a mask.

Your Email Subscribers

Do you have a newsletter? If you have been sending them newsletters during the shutdown, now is time to send another email explaining that you are open.

In the email, keep it short and sweet. Place the video that you made for your social media channels in your email with a few lines of text with a compelling message.

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